The Role of Research and Development in Higher Education

February 2020 | AJERR

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Published: 29 February 2020


The role of research in higher education remains a vital source of knowledge, development, and sustainability of any nation, at the present moment of rapid advancement in information and capacity building. So, capacity building is a continuous process to enhance persons, establishments and societies. Research in higher education provides us with our heritage and values. Accordingly, through research, students can enhance their knowledge on a particular topic and clarify the issues around that subject. This paper describes the role of research and development in higher education. This is achieved by analyzing four studies on the importance of research in education. The institutional theory was applied as it helps explain how people perceive the value of higher education according to the activities they carry out via research and development. Some of the roles of Research in higher education include helping researchers to take part in the development and policymaking process since they have the facts to help come up with a better solution. Besides, research in higher education has facilitated technology innovation and medical solutions, which improves the growth of a society. Lastly, but not the least, research in higher education allows students to experience the real-world. Hence, they are able to articulate themselves after concluding with their schooling. The paper concludes that research promotes the enhancement of knowledge and innovation in higher education at the individual, organizational and societal levels.


Capacity Building, Development, Globalization, Higher Education, Research

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