Genotype x Environment interactions for higher Iron and Zinc in selected bean varieties

July 2015 | AJAR

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Published: 10 July 2015


Common bean is the most consumed pulse globally and a very important crop in tropical Africa, especially in the Central, East and southern Africa, both for its nutritional value and its market potential. Unfortunately, genotype by environment interactions has an important effect on the breeding of better varieties for beans nutritional traits especially iron and zinc. These therefore suggest the need to understand and estimate the magnitude of Genotype and environment interactions for high iron and zinc content in beans and to identify and select genotypes which are widely adapted and can withstand unpredictable environmental fluctuations. This study was carried out to determine the magnitude of G X E for high iron and zinc in sixteen selected varieties, identify and select among them which are consistent for high iron and zinc across environments to be recommended to farmers and for breeding purpose. The experiment was set in Kachwekano and Kawanda Agricultural Research Institutes in a lattice design with 2 replications in plot of 2 x 2m during the second season of 2011 and the first season of 2012. Seed iron and zinc content were analysed using X-Ray Fluorescence (XFR) at Rwanda agriculture Board. However, the results of this study revealed a strong genotype by environment effects on iron and zinc content at 0.001 probabilities. Despite these effects, random error effects contributed more on iron content followed by G X E effects and lastly by genotype effects at 38%, 32 % and 30 % respectively. In contrast the largest contribution on zinc content is due to genotype effects followed by random error effects and G X E effects at 54%, 24 and 22 % respectively. This study suggest that in the selection for stability, zinc content should come first then the iron content next since it is proved that in addition to large random error effects , the large variability of iron content make it unstable when compared to zinc content.


malnutrition, iron, zinc, beans, stability

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