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Title Investigative Study Of Organochlorine Pesticide Residues In Maize Grains, Dried Cassava Chips And Agricultural Soil From Erinfun Farm Ado-ekiti, Southwestern Nigeria
Ambit Journal of Agricultural Research (Ajar). January 2021 Vol. 5(1)
Authors Ogunmodede, O. T.*, Adesina, O.1, Jonathan, J.
Published on 20 January 2021     Pages: 169-187     Article Id : AJAR2020119A    
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The use of agrochemical in agriculture by farmers with little or no knowledge of the human and environmental dangers posed by the abuse and improper handling has been of great concern by human and environmental health over the years. However, pests and diseases activities render crops unattractive, causing a general decrease in productivity and hence loss to farmers has been of serious concern. This study investigated, using gas chromatography, the residue levels of organochlorine in cassava, maize, and soil of the Erinfun farm settlement in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria.  Organochlorine compounds detected at varying concentrations included Aldrin and Heptachlor occurring most frequently with the highest concentrations of 9.301 mg/kg and 0.168 mg/kg respectively. Other organochlorine compounds detected were Endosulfan and o,p-DDT. The concentrations of the organochlorine pesticides (mg/kg) measured in the soil samples showed a significant (p<0.05) correlation with the total organic matter contents of the soil.  The findings from this research work thus, provided information on the current and health risk residue levels of organochlorine pesticides in soil and crop plants from this region with which future environmental performance on the use of pesticides could be progressively monitored.